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The word 'recovery' gets used a lot in 12 step programs and in mental health contexts and other therapeutic areas. What does it really mean? I believe the best translation of this word is 'healing.'

Anyone who is recovering is just learning how to revisit the original wounds of the past and to apply nurturing 'win-win' solutions. By this I mean skills that help rebuild self esteem, actions that are life and self affirming rather than self defeating. We all learn ways to support ourselves as we grow up in our particular family contexts some of those ways are more helpful and nurturing than others.

Smoking for example is believed by some to be a 'feeling suppressant' and for a period of time it is a technique some people use to cope with stress and anxiety - it is in fact a survival technique however over time a recovering person will hopefully choose a more 'win win way of supporting themselves such as talking about their feelings with a friend, peer, therapist or group or they will learn some C.B.T.techniques to deal with thoughts and feelings, or they will apply spiritual principles to the feeling like acceptance, surrender or action or whatever is required.

An individual need not only be in '12 step' or mental health 'recovery.' Individuals are in recovery when they choose to move on from a 'victim mentality', when they move on from destructive relationships, family relationships and old friendships that are no longer nourishing.

Recovery is a decision to value and honour the spirit - your spirit in the name of love and self care.

Ultimately when we are 'recovering' what we are doing is gradually making healthier and healthier choices in our lives to do the things that help us heal, grow and feel better about ourselves until those healing actions become second nature.

So Today I will focus on recovering by choosing 'win-win' actions that allow me to heal and move towards peace, joy and happiness.



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