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Self Work

Many gay men accomplish the art of 'getting into shape physically.' It takes commitment to go to the gym but once there we also have to remain committed and consistent with going.

In addition one takes supplements, learns how to space or eat meals with protein, carbs and minimise the fat. Then there is getting to know what exercises train what muscles and then how heavy or how many reps we need to do. We learn to execute many different combinations and then we learn in order for the muscle to grow we also need to get a certain amount of sleep. And the specifics of this carry on.

My question today is 'Are you working on yourself and your mental, emotional and spiritual health with the same dedication and drive? Not that you have to. But if you are not only looking for a great body and you want to be great communicator, excellent friend, caring and generous lover and to have a deep and rich loving relationship with yourself this is what is required, commitment and dedication to growing and toning your emotional and spiritual muscle. How can you do that? It will be different for everyone. Self enquiry is the first step. Ask what do I like, what d o I want? What are my needs? Do you know yourself?

You can start today by completing an inventory of self. What are my assets and what are the areas I need to work on. Ask a friend who you trust what they see, be open to what you hear. Start seeing a therapist or join a group and listen to feedback about you but also get in touch with your own intuition. Start a morning program that sets up your day positively, start saying affirmations in the morning, read self help books, meditate, connect regularly with friends, make sure you take time out for yourself.

Experience solitude, work out what music moves your soul. Have you taken time to really think about your own personal values? What do you really want and what won't you tolerate in your life? Stop doing the things that you always do that end you up in shame and regret and do more of the things that lead you to joy and self love. Most importantly today make time today to look at how you work on yourself. Get an idea of whether you are working on yourself enough and if not what needs attention?

Today I will take some time to look at the work I do on myself. I will work on myself the ways I already do and I will appreciate how far I have come from all the work I have already done.



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