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Crystal Meth Anonymous

Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA) 

The New Sex

 The New Sec


 The Busy Trap


Scientist Live

Scientist Live Daily Life

Brain function can return after meth abuse, medical news.

The Co-Addicted

The Co-Addicted Tange

Pia Mellody’s Theory of Love Addiction and Love Avoidance


Sex and Relationship Healing

Debunking Myths about Methamphetamine Recovery


CPR Certified Indigo Medical Training for Drug Overdoses

CPR For Drug Overdoses


Why everyone should have a therapist

Why everyone should have a therapist

In his book Dry, memoirist Augusten Burroughs wrote: "Think of your head as an unsafe neighbourhood: don't go there alone."

Transitions Recovery Program

How to Treat Methamphetamine Addiction

Although from the US this article gives some info in the treatment of Methamphetamine Addiction.

A Spectrum of masculinity

A Spectrum of Masculinity

The more brawny professional footballers and bird-bodied hipster dudes I meet, the more impressed I am by the spectrum of masculinity that exists in this country.

The Deadly Stigma of Addiction

The Deadly Stigma of Addiction

Is it possible to separate the disease of addiction from the stigma? Here are eight life-changing reasons we should try.

CRE in Mental lHealth and Substance Use

Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) in Mental Health and Substance Use

Mental health and substance use disorders account for more years of life lost due to disability than any other disorders. These disorders often occur together (comorbidity), affecting more than 300,000 Australians every year. Despite the significance of these conditions, the evidence surrounding the effective prevention and treatment of co-occurring disorders is weak.